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Android app on Google Play



  • I am getting: Exception EIdCouldNotBindSocket in Modul aWARemote Pro Server.exe bei XXXXXXXX, when trying to run the server on my computer?
  • I am not seeing any files when using the File Browser. What am I doing wrong?
  • Are there any limits in the free version?
  • Does the app copy music files from computer to phone when syncing?
  • Finding servers automatically does not work.
  • I can't see my saved playlists in the app.
  • When trying to connect, the app shows that the connection timed out after some time.
  • I get error 301 when trying to connect to the server.
  • I can't see any informations In the Now Playing screen and the app tends to hang.

aWARemote 3.0

  • Where is the volume control?


  • I purchased aWARemote Pro on Google Play, but when I start it it says that the app is not licensed.

Buying Pro

  • I want to go pro, but can't see the app in Google Play Store.
  • Is it possible to purchase the app in other stores than Google Play?

App permissions

  • Why does Android ask me to give aWARemote certain permissions on my phone?

aWARemote Server

  • There is an error when downloading the server update.
  • Server: The start with windows option is not working
  • aWARemote Server 3.0 tells me that there is an update available and wants me to download a new server version. When I click OK, nothing happens.