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These instructions will help you with the initial setup of aWARemote for Winamp®.


1. Download aWARemote Server

The app requires a small server application to be installed. Get the current server version in the Downloads section.


2. Install aWARemote Server

After you successfully downloaded the server application, install it. If you are upgrading from an older version, please make sure to close the old server application if it still running.


3. Run the server

The server will launch as a tray application, which means that you won't see a program window after starting it. Instead, you can see that it is acive in Windows' tray bar:

awaremote tray


4. Download and install aWARemote on your Android device

After you did this, start the app.


5. Create a new profile

After you start the app the first time, aWARemote automatically looks for active servers. If it finds any, it will add them as a new profile automagically. The profile name will be the name of the computer where the server is running. This should work in most cases.

If it doesn't find anything, you need to take action. You can either let aWARemote look again for servers automatically or add one manually. Click the + Button and select "Find server automatically" - aWARemote will look for servers:

profile auto

Select "Manually add server" to setup a server manually. This should not be necessary in most cases. To get the correct IP address and port to fill in, go into the server preferences and switch to the Help tab. One of the IP addresses shown there is the correct one and there is always just one port.


6. Connect

After the initial profile setup, just click on the created profile to connect to the server:

profile connect

7. Not working?

Contact me