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Android app on Google Play

aWARemote 3.0.3

aWARemote 3.0.3 is now live on Google Play. Androidpit App Shop and Amazon App Store will follow soon. :)

Please note that there also is a server update available. It is optional, but highly recommended due to some bugfixes and optimizations. Additionally, it enables the new multiple directories in file browser feature.



aWARemote Free and Pro 3.0.2 released

I have just uploaded new versions of aWARemote Free and Pro to Google Play. There are some changes I have made, the most important one is the new license check.

Initially, the license was checked after connecting to a server. This didn't work for users who had no internet access in there network. The app is now checking the license right after starting and will cache the response (if it is positive) for two weeks. If you have any problems after updating, please Contact me right away.

There is also an updated server available, which will fix some bugs and will have french translations. However, server update is not needed this time, but I recommend it.



aWARemote 3.0 released - Manual server update required

After a few months of development and starting from scratch, I am happy to tell you that I have just uploaded aWARemote 3.0 Free and Pro to Google Play. Amazon and AndroidPit will follow later.

There are some great new features and a completely new user interface. The app is available for all devices with Android 2.3 or above.

Please note that you need to manually download and install the newest server from the Download page. Before installing this server, make sure that the old server isn't running anymore.

App and server are translated to English, German and Dutch at the moment. I plan to add more translations time by time.



aWARemote 3.0.1 released

I have just uploaded aWARemote Free and Pro 3.0.1 to Google Play. This version fixes various bugs and adds two tiny new features.

Manual server update is required again: Download
If you enabled the automatic update check in aWARemote Server 3.0, you will get the update notification, but nothing will happen after you press "Yes". The reason is a bug in the installer script, which did not install the server updater. However, this was fixed of course, so future updates should be much easier.