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Android app on Google Play

aWARemote 3.0 BETA now live on Google Play

Finally, aWARemote 3.0 beta is now live on google Play.

To participate, join the aWARemote Google Plus community, follow one of these links (dependig on the version you are using right now) and install the new beta server.

If you are using aWARemote Pro:

If you are using aWARemote Free:

Don't forget to also install the latest server, which you can get here: (scroll to bottom for the beta server).
This will remove all old versions of aWARemote server. This is also part of the beta test, so if you have any problems with the new server, please tell me.

I don't want to come up with a huge tutorial right now, because I also want to see if the features and settings are self-explanatory.

Please report bugs using the contact form on and how they can be reproduced (if possible). You can also attach screenshots in the contact form now.

And now: Happy beta testing :)
I am at my computer in the next few hours, so if you have any initial problems contact me and you should receive an answer pretty fast.