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Android app on Google Play

aWARemote 3.0 released - Manual server update required

After a few months of development and starting from scratch, I am happy to tell you that I have just uploaded aWARemote 3.0 Free and Pro to Google Play. Amazon and AndroidPit will follow later.

There are some great new features and a completely new user interface. The app is available for all devices with Android 2.3 or above.

Please note that you need to manually download and install the newest server from the Download page. Before installing this server, make sure that the old server isn't running anymore.

App and server are translated to English, German and Dutch at the moment. I plan to add more translations time by time.

With the update, there will be a sale until 07. Nov. where you can get aWARemote Pro for just 0,99$/0,79€. After that, the price will raise to 2,99€/3,49$.




- completely rewritten server and app from scratch
- NEW: Added possibility to protect server with a password, which will also
encrypt the whole app-server communication using the AES algorithm
- FIX: If enabled pause on call, playback started after call when winamp was paused
- FIX: Saved playlists not visible in the app when using Winamp 5.64 and above
- FIX: Improved Wake On LAN, should be more robust now


- NEW: Complete new user interface with modern Android design
- NEW: Dark and light themes for the new user interface
- NEW: Portrait and landscape orientation now on all devices


- NEW: Library now with sorting options
- NEW: Hide library pages you don't want to see
- NEW: Option to show small notification in Android Jelly Bean and above
- NEW: Two different albums views: as list and as grid
- NEW: More information displayed like year in albums view and number of the song in songs view
- NEW: Better library search
- NEW: Important playback features like artist, title and basic controls now always visible at bottom
- NEW: Multi-select for all views via long press
- NEW: Added 3 new options: "Shuffle and play", "Shuffle and enqueue", "Shuffle and enqueue after current"


- NEW: Playlist viewer where you can view the contents of your saved playlists and play individual songs
- NEW: Multi-select via long press


- NEW: Improved playback screen
- NEW: Volume controls now with hardware keys now create an overlay


- NEW: Basic support for Winamp's queue commands in playlist
- NEW: Shortcut to a list with your saved playlists in the playlist view
- NEW: Drag and drop for reordering playlist items
- NEW: See lengths of tracks in playlist
- NEW: See the track progress in playlist (Android 3.0 and above only)


- NEW: Added control for PreAmp


Pro features
- NEW: File browser (Pro only), where you can completely browse the music directory which you can set in server
- NEW: Sleep timer (Pro only)