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Android app on Google Play

aWARemote 3.0.1 released

I have just uploaded aWARemote Free and Pro 3.0.1 to Google Play. This version fixes various bugs and adds two tiny new features.

Manual server update is required again: Download
If you enabled the automatic update check in aWARemote Server 3.0, you will get the update notification, but nothing will happen after you press "Yes". The reason is a bug in the installer script, which did not install the server updater. However, this was fixed of course, so future updates should be much easier.


- NEW: Added button to show vColume control in Playback screen
- NEW: Option to enable big and scrollable tabs
- FIX: Server window doesn't hide
- FIX: Crash in File Browser
- FIX: Crash when minimizing the app while volume control is visible
- FIX: Crash when going back to profile selection
- FIX: Can't play or add files in file browser
- FIX: Crash after syncing library
- FIX: Library would not sync
- FIX: Playback does not show current song when aWARemote was minimized
- FIX: Can't connect to server when Winamp is started and is playing a large playlist
- FIX: Shuffle and play not working for genres
- FIX: Can't instantly connect after enabling password
- FIX: Server updater does not work