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aWARemote Free and Pro 3.0.2 released

I have just uploaded new versions of aWARemote Free and Pro to Google Play. There are some changes I have made, the most important one is the new license check.

Initially, the license was checked after connecting to a server. This didn't work for users who had no internet access in there network. The app is now checking the license right after starting and will cache the response (if it is positive) for two weeks. If you have any problems after updating, please Contact me right away.

There is also an updated server available, which will fix some bugs and will have french translations. However, server update is not needed this time, but I recommend it.

Changelog for this version:

- NEW: French translations
- NEW: Added WaveControl support again
- NEW: Option that swaps item click actions in playlist (long and short click)
- NEW: Option to disable that songs and files get instantly played when you click on them
- NEW: Exit Button in Menu
- NEW: Library lists (except File Browser and Playlists) are now indexed and you will see the first letter when fast scrolling (like fast scrolling through your contacts)
- NEW: Dual Pane mode for playback screen for tablets
- X in Notification now also closes the app
- Some minor bugfixes and crash fixes
- FIX: songs are missing after library got synced
- FIX: Server window still did not disappear under certain circumstances