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aWARemote 3.0.3

aWARemote 3.0.3 is now live on Google Play. Androidpit App Shop and Amazon App Store will follow soon. :)

Please note that there also is a server update available. It is optional, but highly recommended due to some bugfixes and optimizations. Additionally, it enables the new multiple directories in file browser feature.

This version brings two major changes for free user. Good news is: You can now sync up to 1000 songs, bad news for you: The app now shows an ad after you connect to a server. However, there will be no interrupting ad while actually using the app.

Because of many changes under the hood, users who upgrade from 3.0.2 have to resync their library (without album cover). This should happen automatically when you start the new version the first time.


Changelog for this version: 

- NEW: Mutliple directories for File Browser
- NEW: Added + Button in library for fast enqueue
- NEW: Spanish and russian translations
- NEW: Language selector in settings
- NEW: Pull to refresh for File Browser, Playlists and Playlist
- IMPROVED: Slow app start if library is large
- IMPROVED: Speed of loading track lengths in playlists
- FIX: Artists and Album artists show wrong album count (App will need to resync library!)
- FIX: Not all artists are displayed
- FIX: Fixed that not all songs of an album seperated into different folders will be added to playlist
- FIX: Crash when volume dialog closes
- FIX: Notification back moves to next songs
- FIX: Equalizer does not show correct state
- FIX: Library bug on Android 4.4
- FIX: Sleep Timer bug
- FIX: Moving to next song clears queue
- FIX: Play entire library bug
- Some other minor UI changes
- File Browser now recognizes .ape files